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Taking Stock

Been taking a good look at all the Season Location posts and seeing what needs attention. Sadly, a good portion of the posts are way out of date, have missing info., and too-small caps. All of this will need to be fixed BEFORE I can properly make my Area Location+ posts.

+ Note: Area Location posts will be a series of posts based on the various areas (Vancouver & beyond). Much like is already available with the Google Maps. There will also be separate lists for Riverview, the Watchman Set, & the Back 40 Dog Park. These Area Location posts will be ideal for people who actually hunt down & visit the locations in & around Vancouver, BC. ;)

The Run-Down:
* Seasons 1-8: Need to be thoroughly updated w/bigger caps, missing locations, & Google Map coordinates.
* Season 7 & 8: Need nearly all of the caps/images transferred to SlickPic & linked from there.
* Season 9: Needs new map images.
* Seasons 10 & 11: Needs new map images & missing Google Map coordinates.
* Season 12: Needs missing Google Map coordinates.
* Season 13: Needs missing Google Map coordinates.

Yep, that's a lot of work. And then there's updating the Google Map info.: Removing all the locations that no longer exist and adding in a bunch of missing locations at Riverview & the Back 40 Dog Park. Phew!

My hope is to continue working on this overhaul of the site throughout the rest of this year & the next so that by the time I need to add the Season 15 Locations in (Fall of 2020), that I'll have everything else fixed & updated properly. Don't know if I'll get it all done, but that's the goal.

I'll try my best to update my progress of the overhaul on the community's Twitter: @SPN_Locations.

Boys & Impala 2

Update News: Season 14 Is Finished!

I've completed the update of the site with everything Season 14! :D

Check out the Master Post
to access all the page links for Seasons 1-14, PDFs for Seasons 1-14, and a full set of links to Vancouver area Google Maps, including a complete map of all the SPN Locations.

I'm glad that I got S14 completed in time for people attending the Vancouver convention this coming weekend, but I wish I could have gotten more accomplished. I still haven't gotten posts made based on areas in Vancouver done and the Google Maps need to be reworked to eliminate locations that no longer exist.

And since I was so busy with S14, I knew I also needed to take a look at the past Season pages & see how they were holding up after the whole PhotoBucket debacle a while back. I had re-uploaded a lot of caps to SlickPic & re-linked them, but as I recalled I didn't get to everything. Looking to Twitter for help, I got a volunteer to check the pages for me (thank you @HotlipsHarkness!).

Sadly, there are issues with some of the older Season pages such as maps that won't load and caps or images that have an ugly PhotoBucket logo on them. Sorry I don't have time to go through & fix them all before the weekend. I hope you'll understand that I really need a break from working on locations for a little bit. :P

I wish those attending VanCon this weekend & anybody doing any Location Hunting all the best, safe travels, and Happy Hunting!!!

SPN Moments 1

It was 10 Years Ago today

Hard to believe this list of SPN Locations has reached such a milestone, but here it is.

This LJ comm began in 2012, but before that I kept this list on my own journal.


It really all began with me just collecting little bits of filming info. I could find online way back in July of 2007. Whenever I found something about when & where they were filming, I'd post about it. After a while, I got a few people who would clue me in about spots they filmed at, too. Eventually, I got the idea to make an actual list, episode by episode & season by season. I made the post of Season 1 Locations on this day back in 2009, so I consider it the true beginnings of what I like to call "The Locations List".

And from that small beginning, the list has grown with each passing season of SPN.
So many people have helped me along the way, from my volunteers, to other sites, to people who just wanted to contribute information they had. I'm so proud that this list has helped so many people find their favorite SPN "moments" - to go to a spot and know the boys were there, to sit where they sat or stand where they stood. I know for myself that it is a thrilling feeling!

I want to thank all of you who have left me comments, or sent me messages, or even thanked me in person when I was in Vancouver over the years. There is nothing that makes me happier than to know this site has helped others! :D

Even though the show will be ending after Season 15, I hope this place will continue to be a great resource for fans of the show, whether they go to Vancouver to hunt down the locations or just have a curiosity if a place in an episode was a real spot or not.

Happy Hunting!

Boys & Impala

Update: Season 14 Locations

My apologies for the long silence here at the comm.
With VanCon fast approaching (back at it's old August weekend instead of last year's October dates) I've been rushing to update the site with the Locations for Season 14. Unfortunately, I got way behind real fast & it's been a struggle to recover. Now, with only a couple of weeks until the convention, the pressure is really on!

Thankfully, I have made some amazing progress on the S14 Locations over the past several weeks.

Here's what is done:
- Capped Season 14 Locations
- Fixed & Uploaded caps to SlickPic
- Gathered S14 Location & Filming Tweets to Wakelet account
- Transferred info. for S14 filming dates & Locations to my LJ's Season 14 Sticky Post

Here's what's left to be done:
- Make LJ posts here for Season 14 Locations (hopefully w/only 20 episodes, I can keep the post # to 2 or 3 this time)
- Add Season 14 Locations to my Google Maps
- Make PDFs of the S14 LJ posts & upload to MediaFire (this might not happen in time for the con like last year, sorry!)

I had hoped to get the Season 14 update all done by Sunday - August 18th for those arriving early to Vancouver ahead of the convention. However, I probably will not make that deadline. I'll try, but I'm making no guarantees. Instead, my backup deadline will be Wednesday - August 21st.

I've been making update posts over at this comm's Twitter Account, so please check out @SPN_Locations on Twitter for all the latest news & progress reports! :)


LJ Layout Issue!

Happened to discover a weird LJ Layout issue tonight.
Thankfully, it's only showing up on the Chrome & Opera Beta browsers (at least for me).
I checked it out in Safari, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, & Yandex browsers and everything looks fine on them.

The issue is having thumbnail images in an LJ post that are no longer nice and neat within the confines of the layout, but spill over in a horizontal line to the right, causing a scroll bar to appear at the bottom of the page.

Like this...Ugh!

So I apologize to anyone looking at my big image posts on my LJ or hurtwinchesters or spn_locations on the Chrome or Opera Beta browsers. Hopefully, they will update their code or whatever & those thumbnails will get back in line!

Until then, I hope you use other browsers to view LJ that don't have this issue! :)