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It's that time of year again...

VanCon will be here before too long, and it's time once again to update the Locations info. here for the newest season of Supernatural.

Sadly, yet again, I haven't been able to do a total overhaul of all the seasons locations - something I've been wanting to do for the past few years. Real life just keeps interfering...along with the new wrinkle of me adjusting to a new internet provider and limited data usage since November of last year.

So while I didn't work on updating the locations for most of the year, I did start gathering information and the screencaps of locations for Season 11 much earlier than I have in years past. I feel that's put me in a much better position than in the past and hopefully I won't be scrambling down to the wire before VanCon, trying to get things done.

Another change is that I'm working on the Locations List totally solo this year. It's not that I haven't needed help, just that this is often a difficult project to have other people help out with. So much of the work on this comm can only be done by me because I have the episodes to cap from, have gathered the locations info. from Twitter, etc. Plus, my past volunteers haven't been available lately, which again, this time hasn't been that big of a deal. I would like to get volunteers to help me out in the future though...once I figure out what tasks they can do.

Anyway, I have all the Season 11 episodes capped for locations and the caps uploaded online and ready to go.
Normally, I work on the posts here on the comm, keeping them private until it's time for the big unveiling about a week before VanCon at the end of August.

However, I'm considering a different approach this year.

Perhaps it's better to make the posts public right away so that people can view them as I add-in information?
That way at least some info. and caps will be available right away for people who might head off to Vancouver early and want to start location hunting. This would also include, of course, adding Season 11 locations to the Google Maps I have set up. However, the downloadable PDFs for Season 11 wouldn't be available until all the info. for the season has been posted.

Thought I'd put up a poll to find out how everyone feels about this idea.

Should I post the Season 11 Locations List to the comm right away, building the info. as I go or just wait until it's all finished to post?

Post them right away. I'd like to view the info. as it's added in.
Wait until the Season 11 posts are finished. I can wait.
Doesn't matter to me, whichever way you want to post them is fine.

Feel free to ask me any questions or voice your opinion/ideas in the comments below. :)

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