raloria - Screencapping Goddess (raloria) wrote in spn_locations,
raloria - Screencapping Goddess

Update: Season 13 Progress

Thought I was doing pretty well with adding in Season 13 Locations and then I hit a bit of a setback when my internet slowed down for a few days. It's next to impossible to use Google Maps with slow internet.

But...I'm back at full-speed now.

I'm at episode 13x12, so I'm definitely half-way done.

What's left to do:
- Finish with eps 13x12 - 13x23
- Get Location Caps for eps 13x22 & 13x23
- Add all S13 Locations to Google Maps
- Make PDFs & upload & link

It sounds like a lot, but I'm hoping it'll go fast!
I had planned/hoped to have it all done by Friday, but that's not going to happen now.
However, I will start posting what I have done on Friday, the 12th.
Instead I'm aiming for completion on Monday, the 15th.

Thanks for your patience! :)

Tags: mod post, season 13, update news
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