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Unfound Season 14 Locations

I've never made a post asking for help in finding locations before, but I know there's others (especially those who live in the Vancouver area) who are bound to know or recognize places that I don't. There's only so far one can get with Google Maps.

This isn't every little spot, of course, but it is the more prominent scenes or just ones I'd like to find.

References That May Help:
+ SPN Season 14 Titles & Filming Dates/Locations - This was my guide in finding many of the locations.
+ My SPN Locations Account on Wakelet.

If you want to contact me with any info. you can either comment on this post or at either of my Twitter accounts:
+ https://twitter.com/spndeangirl
+ https://twitter.com/SPN_Locations

14x02 Gods And Monsters

Jack's Grandparent's House. Also seen in 14x20.
SPN14x02GodsMonsters_010 SPN14x02GodsMonsters_013 

14x03 The Scar

Boys in woods w/Jody. Is this Redwood Park?
SPN14x03TheScar_004 SPN14x03TheScar_005 SPN14x03TheScar_010 SPN14x03TheScar_049 

14x04 Mint Condition

I know these were used in a previous seasons & they're just a quick shots, but I'd still like to find them.

SPN14x04MintCond_094 SPN14x04MintCond_096 

14x05 Nightmare Logic

Two more Impala-Driving shots. Think these are out in Kelowna, but unsure about specifics.
SPN14x05NightMLogic_006 SPN14x05NightMLogic_050 

Woods! The worst stuff to track down.
SPN14x05NightMLogic_023 SPN14x05NightMLogic_026 SPN14x05NightMLogic_032 SPN14x05NightMLogic_034 SPN14x05NightMLogic_037 SPN14x05NightMLogic_043 

14x07 Unhuman Nature

A Vancouver alley, but where? And I can tell you it's NOT behind the Victorian Hotel.
SPN14x07UnhumanNature_028 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_029 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_035 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_036 

Dean & Jack Fishing. Narrowed down to possibly along the Coquitlam River south of Riverview, but where exactly is another question.
SPN14x07UnhumanNature_075 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_077 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_078 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_081 

Is this near the Fishing scene?
SPN14x07UnhumanNature_082 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_083 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_085 SPN14x07UnhumanNature_087 

14x08 Byzantium

Kelly's Heaven.
SPN14x08Byzantium_016 SPN14x08Byzantium_017 SPN14x08Byzantium_018 SPN14x08Byzantium_019 SPN14x08Byzantium_020 SPN14x08Byzantium_025 

14x09 The Spear

More incidental Impala shots.
These 2 are 1 shot.
SPN14x09TheSpear_007 SPN14x09TheSpear_008 

4x11 Damaged Goods

The Market Mary shops at.
SPN14x11DamagedG_049 SPN14x11DamagedG_050 SPN14x11DamagedG_053 SPN14x11DamagedG_054 SPN14x11DamagedG_056 SPN14x11DamagedG_059 

14x12 Prophet And Loss

At the twin brother's house. Probably in New Westminster, but note the short streetlights & no power lines.
SPN14x12ProphetLoss_041 SPN14x12ProphetLoss_042 SPN14x12ProphetLoss_045 SPN14x12ProphetLoss_047 SPN14x12ProphetLoss_051 SPN14x12ProphetLoss_052 

14x13 Lebanon

Pawn Shop.
SPN14x13Lebanon_001 SPN14x13Lebanon_002 SPN14x13Lebanon_003 SPN14x13Lebanon_004 

Kid's Hangout House. Seen again in 14x16.
SPN14x13Lebanon_038 SPN14x13Lebanon_043 SPN14x13Lebanon_045 SPN14x13Lebanon_046 

14x14 Ouroboros

Where Noah picks up the truck driver.
SPN14x14Ouroboros_019 SPN14x14Ouroboros_021 

14x16 Don't Go In The Woods

More darned woods! I have 1 known Fraturday shoot at Panther Paintball, but was it all there? And no way could that have filmed all these scenes in one night.
SPN14x16DontGoWoods_002 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_039 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_040 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_050 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_055 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_060 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_064 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_067 

Kid's Hangout House again.
SPN14x16DontGoWoods_041 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_042 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_045 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_046 SPN14x16DontGoWoods_048 

14x17 Game Night

Was this built by the production?
SPN14x17GameNight_005 SPN14x17GameNight_006 SPN14x17GameNight_009 SPN14x17GameNight_010 

Nick steals a truck.
SPN14x17GameNight_073 SPN14x17GameNight_074 SPN14x17GameNight_075 SPN14x17GameNight_076 

14x18 Absence

Random by-the-road spot.
SPN14x18Absence_002 SPN14x18Absence_003 

I'm wondering if this was a road in Stanley Park & those lights are from the Lions Gate Bridge?
SPN14x18Absence_013 SPN14x18Absence_015 SPN14x18Absence_016 SPN14x18Absence_018 

We see this in the next episode (14x19), also.
SPN14x18Absence_101 SPN14x18Absence_102 

14x19 Jack In The Box

Jack in an unknown building.
SPN14x19JackInBox_001 SPN14x19JackInBox_004 SPN14x19JackInBox_005 SPN14x19JackInBox_006 

Dean Crying. I suspect the trees around the Impala are the ones used by the production.
SPN14x19JackInBox_008 SPN14x19JackInBox_010 SPN14x19JackInBox_013 SPN14x19JackInBox_015 

Real hospital or a set at the studio?
SPN14x19JackInBox_037 SPN14x19JackInBox_040 SPN14x19JackInBox_041 

14x20 Moriah

Jack's Grandparent's House again with more exterior shots.
SPN14x20Moriah_056 SPN14x20Moriah_057 SPN14x20Moriah_064 SPN14x20Moriah_070 SPN14x20Moriah_082 

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