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Taking Stock

Been taking a good look at all the Season Location posts and seeing what needs attention. Sadly, a good portion of the posts are way out of date, have missing info., and too-small caps. All of this will need to be fixed BEFORE I can properly make my Area Location+ posts.

+ Note: Area Location posts will be a series of posts based on the various areas (Vancouver & beyond). Much like is already available with the Google Maps. There will also be separate lists for Riverview, the Watchman Set, & the Back 40 Dog Park. These Area Location posts will be ideal for people who actually hunt down & visit the locations in & around Vancouver, BC. ;)

The Run-Down:
* Seasons 1-8: Need to be thoroughly updated w/bigger caps, missing locations, & Google Map coordinates.
* Season 7 & 8: Need nearly all of the caps/images transferred to SlickPic & linked from there.
* Season 9: Needs new map images.
* Seasons 10 & 11: Needs new map images & missing Google Map coordinates.
* Season 12: Needs missing Google Map coordinates.
* Season 13: Needs missing Google Map coordinates.

Yep, that's a lot of work. And then there's updating the Google Map info.: Removing all the locations that no longer exist and adding in a bunch of missing locations at Riverview & the Back 40 Dog Park. Phew!

My hope is to continue working on this overhaul of the site throughout the rest of this year & the next so that by the time I need to add the Season 15 Locations in (Fall of 2020), that I'll have everything else fixed & updated properly. Don't know if I'll get it all done, but that's the goal.

I'll try my best to update my progress of the overhaul on the community's Twitter: @SPN_Locations.

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